Employee engagement initiatives is a key component of a company’s success as it has been proven to relax and motivate workers.

Although a workplace is designed for job related tasks, the founder of the National Institute for Play, Dr. Stuart Brown, stipulates that there is a sufficient amount of evidence that proves that when employees willingly engage in a playful activity, their motivation and productivity levels rise considerably.

Major corporations such as Google and LinkedIn use a variety of activities like volleyball, foosball and/or ping-pong to engage their employees in some sort of non-work related event.

Some staff members in any company have incredibly stressful and demanding jobs whereas others have redundant ones. A simple pizza lunch at the office can let them know that they are appreciated as a team.

Employee engagement initiatives at the workplace are a concrete way to sustain motivation within the workforce, effectively relieve stress and deterioration, and construct bonds and friendships between co-workers.

Contrary to popular belief, no time is wasted through specific employee engagement initiatives. In fact, although the number of hours worked per week is less in Europe than in the United States of America, the efficiency and productivity of the employees still remains greater, therefore resulting in an exceptional equilibrium.

In addition, activities that include C-level executives and their bosses allow for the employees to view them differently. Instead of regarding them strictly as superiors, they are now considered to be more approachable as they have seen a more “human side” to them.

In a survey conducted in 2013, which included over 40,000 employees and 30 different companies, it concluded that the leading reason as to why people enjoyed their jobs is because they like the people they work with.

The “play at work” attitude encourages the employees to stay with the company. Managers everywhere should look into incorporating both business and work in the same environment as it has been proven to be beneficial.

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