Do great things when everyone's in the plan

Planbox. An agile project management tool simple and powerful enough for any team, from the Scrum-savvy to the Scrum-dummy.

Planbox is agile. Don’t know what that means?

Here are four basic things you should know:

  • Complete your backlog in iterations. Store all your to-dos in your backlog. Then tackle them in time-boxed chunks, or iterations.

  • Integrate customer feedback. Read what your customers have to say and keep it all in mind when you plan and work.

  • Sense the velocity. Look at velocity to know how much your team can accomplish in an iteration and to better plan future work.

  • Track progress with burndown charts. See the work that has been completed and if you’re on target to finish by the end of the iteration.

For project managers:

Prioritize and plan

Prioritize your backlog and break it into iterations. Don’t guess how much your team can do—use our groovy velocity charts to plan realistically.

Monitor progress

Keep an eye on your team with our sharp burndown charts and handy progress bars. Or peek in on individuals to know if they’re on track or overbooked.

Set deadlines

Assign deadlines to items and let reminders notify you when you near them or—gasp!—miss them. See them all in your calendar.

Customize your setup

Take our unique four-level project structure— initiatives, projects, items and tasks—and set it up however you like it. Yeah, we’re just that flexible.

Loop in customers

Read what customers have to say via our nifty feedback widget. Link input to item. Then loop back to clients when your crackerjack team has completed the work.

Keep track with reports

Too many items? Underestimate velocity? Too many impediments? Our brilliant reports and charts will show you everything.

For teams

Collaborate in
real time

See and react to comments and blocked items instantly so you can always move forward as a team, whether you’re in the same room or across the world.


Don’t send your team rummaging for specifications, mock-ups or design graphics. Attach files directly to tasks so they’re all in one place and handy.

Work easily

Imagine a Post-it storyboard. Minus the clutter. Create items and tasks; drag and drop them to prioritize. Now that's a clean and intuitive UI!

Track your time

Estimate expected time for tasks and log actual time. Timesheets are a click away. If your teammate is overbooked, we’ll notify you.

See your to-dos

A jam-packed list of items can appear daunting and confusing. Make it simple—click on filters and display only the items you want to see.

Stay up-to-date

No more hunting down teammates for updates: Know what they’re up to with real-time activity feeds and multicoloured item status reports.

Planbox plays well with others.

More great stuff:

Unlimited projects

Create unlimited initiatives and projects so you can really tailor our project structure to your needs. That’s flexibility, taken to a whole new level.

Unlimited storage

Don’t skimp on the gigabytes! Enjoy unlimited space to add as many files—and as big—as you want.

Outstanding support

We’re here for you! We not only assign each customer a dedicated account manager but we answer all questions promptly.

Intuitive interface

Some things are hard to crack. Passwords. Riddles. Brazilian nuts. But Planbox isn’t one of them. Everything is clear, simple and easy.

Customized experience

Switch features on and off. Personalize your UI to see whatever you want. Filter and sort however you like. Do Planbox your way.

Real-time updates

Changes your colleagues make are updated instantaneously on your screen. No need to refresh your browser. This way, you’re always in synch with your team.

Easy import & export

Get a leg up by importing data from other tools or CSV files. You can also export an entire initiative, with its history, to a CSV file. You always own your data.

Mobile access

Planbox on the go? Track your project from anywhere. Modify and assign tasks on the road.

Open API

Extend Planbox and its functions beyond the box by integrating it into your existing tools and seeing how well we play with others.

Nightly backup

No data will be lost on our watch! We back it up nightly with tape and store it in a secure offsite location.

SSL/HTTPS security encryption

All data migrating between your browser and Planbox is protected from snoops with 256-bit SSL encryption.

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