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Challenge-Driven Innovation

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 Challenge-Driven Innovation Benefits

  • Improved return on innovation investments
  • Faster and more cost effective problem solving due to focused approach
  • The opportunity to create carefully selected diverse groups of user communities that tackle specific problem areas and learn how to collaboratively find actionable solutions
  • Measure ROI based on resources allocated to the challenge and campaign outcomes

 Challenge-Driven Innovation Software Features

  • Challenge driven innovation is designed to reach out to a selected group of participants to help find solutions for a carefully described problem or opportunity using a carefully planned and executed campaign
  • An organization can run multiple challenges at once. Some can target a group also referred as a micro challenge and others may be company-wide or include external participants such as customers, partners, suppliers, universities or start-ups
  • Each challenge is planned as 4 to 12 weeks campaign depending on the issue or opportunity
“Planbox Innovation Management platform has transformed the way that Verizon finds, collects, prioritizes and implements ideas.”
Director - CMI Excellence and Marketplace, Verizon