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Get it right the first time – expert innovation services

From start to finish Planbox innovation services team will guide you on the path to success.

Planbox Customer Success ServicesOur team consists of passionate innovation services and work management consultants, change management specialists, project management experts and software gurus. The combination of experience and skills that our experts possess drives the exceptional results that your organization expects and deserves.

Our innovation management services engagement process:

  • Meet with you and your key team members to ask questions and understand your requirements
  • Review your budget, timeline, constraints, objectives, training, technology, integration and reporting requirements
  • Propose a fixed cost turnkey or hourly engagement to document requirements and complete a detailed fit-to-business analysis or services blueprint
  • Prepare statement of work, scope of deliverables and data flows
  • Iterate once or twice with you and your team to incorporate your feedback on the statement of work
  • Propose and agree on work estimates
  • Agree to responsibilities and deliverables by you and us as well as designated project managers
  • Agree on budget, milestones, sprint start and end dates, reporting process, and scope management
  • Start project

Seasoned innovation services and work management consultants will help you design, plan, execute and deliver your innovation processes effectively. Our work management experts will ensure that your best ideas are transformed into winning projects. Leveraging our twenty years of battle-tested expertise, our proven methodology ensures that each process is tailor-made to suit your requirements – that each task owner is accountable and every resource is leveraged to its fullest potential. Our innovation services and work management implementation templates have been refined over the course of 400+ implementations.